Thursday, October 18, 2012


Since with Google Play it is not possible to have a two-way contact with the programmer, and it seems that just a few use the email preferring instead to communicate only through negative comments, I open this blog in the hope that those who are truly interested in the app can contribute to its improvement.

Any questions, concerns or constructive criticism is welcome and, as far as possible, and will try to meet your requests.

The application I'm talking about is GPS, find me!, if you did not yet install do it as soon as possible :)


  1. The intended functionallity is great but the stabilitet of the program unfortunately makes it impossible to use. The app hungs and a total restart has to be done to try again. I have triad it on Xperia Z, HTC Desire, HTC Sensation, Xperia Z3, all with the same result. I especially like the moving target with the arrow. I hope this Will be fixed soon since the idea is so great!