Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New version 2.0

In this new version I added a lot of things and I've improved many others; among the new features these are worth mentioning:


beside the arrow and the map I added the ability to navigate to your destination via the Google's navigator.
Copy and paste
If in an email or a website you find some coordinates you can now copy and paste them directly into the application.
Protocol geo
The application is now compatible with the geo protocol that is used in websites. When in a site you find a link like this just click it to open with the application.
Protocol geoSMS
This is a relative new protocol and not all phones are able to decode a text message of this type, but the application is already able to do it. If you receive a geoSMS you can easily open it with the application even if your phone does not support it
SMS Tracker
I have added support to decode SMS messages sent from an alarm system (Tracker) as requested by a user.

Monday, November 5, 2012

New version (1.2.8)

In this new version I added the menu item "Position on Map" with which you can do two things:

  •      know exactly where you are
  •      mark geographic points to reach

I also added to the map a scale indicator in the form of a ruler in order to get a rough idea of distances.