Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to use the application

I recently received the following two stars review:

     I do not understand ... to be more specific step by step ...

If he paid a little attention instead of rushing to write negative reviews he would have noticed that in the main menu there is a button labeled "User Manual" which when pressed magically shows the user manual with the description step by step that he needed.

To the left of each button there is also a small blue icon that when pressed shows a small contextual help.

Here you can find the complete manual.


  1. Good morning,

    is it possible to have this complète manual in french, please ?
    Many thanks and congratulations for this very good application !


    1. I do not speak french, but if someone can translate the manual into French I'll publish it.

  2. Merci beaucoup pour cette application très utile et très complète !!
    Le seul petit problème : quelques fois je ne peux pas accéder la fenêtre d'édition ( cancel, delete, save )